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150 Gram 12" Records

150 Gram 12" Records are a heavier and thicker record which is going to increase the durability of the record and the resistance to warping. Since part of the allure of vinyl is having something tangible, 150 Gram vinyl has a greater pressence that that of a standard weight 12". 12" Records can be cut at 45RPM or 33 1/3 RPM. When cut at 33 1/3 you can hold approximately 18:00 minutes per side. When cut at 45 you can hold approximately 12:00 minutes per side. These numbers are not set in stone they are just a suggested max as the quality can suffer at times if you go much over that. The standard color is black vinyl but we can press your 12" on a variety of different colors, custom blended colors or even split color vinyl for something truly unique. Standard white paper sleeves (with center holes) are included with your records but we also offer poly-lined sleeves which are similar to the standard paper but are lined with plastic to eliminate any chance of your records scuffing as you pull them out. We can also coordinate the printing of your custom jackets or sleeves.

150 Gram 12" Record Prices

12" Per Record Charges
Standard Weight Records Click Here
150 Gram Records $1.39
180 Gram Audiophile Records Click Here
Paper Sleeves - White FREE
White Poly-Lined Paper Sleeves $.24 each
Brown Paper Sleeves $.20 each
Matte Black Paper Sleeves $.25 each
Poly-Lined Matte Black Paper Sleeves $.38 each
Insertion of Record into a Custom Sleeve $.08 each
Insertion of Record into a Custom Jacket $.08 each
Insertion of Most Additional Items (CD's Download Cards, etc.) into a Custom Jacket $.08 each
Shrink Wrapping the Jacket $.15 each
Applying Most Stickers on a Roll $.09 each
Manual sticker application (non-roll or to jacket or poly-bag) $.20 each
One-Time Pressing Charges
Lacquer Mastering — two sides (33 1/3 or 45 rpm) $330.00
Addition Charge for non-redbook CD digital files $65.00
Addition Charge for cutting from Analog Tape $90.00
Plating - Two Step - — two sides (covers initial order up to 1000 records) $245.00
Additional plating — two sides (applied to all reorders and inital orders starting with 1001st record) $.14 (each)
Test Pressings $90.00
Colored Vinyl Test Pressings $100.00
2nd Day Air Shipping for tests (standard shipping option) - Per Location $45.00
Overnight Shipping for tests - Per Location $85.00
International shipping for tests (only shipping option) $125.00
Set-up Charge (orders under 500) $85.00
Colored Vinyl Set-up Charge (all colored vinyl orders) $95.00
Center Labels
Basic Labels (black ink on white paper) (FIRST 1000) $160.00
Additional basic Labels (starting with your 1001st record) $.16 (per record)
Deluxe Labels (up to four color CMYK) (FIRST 1000) $220.00
Additional Deluxe Labels (starting with your 1001st record) $.22 (per set)
Plain Solid Color Labels (per 1000) $90.00
PMS Colors (per color, per 1000) $100.00
Color & Unique Options
Standard Vinyl Colors $.64 each
Custom Mixed Vinyl Colors $.94 each
Fluorescent Colored Vinyl $.94 each
Randomly Mixed Color Vinyl No additional per unit charge (same price as black)
Etched Art (per side) $450.00 (it's an additional $290 over standard lacquer prices, $450.00 if lacquers are sent in)
Custom Jackets
500 Jackets 1000 Jackets 2000 Jackets 5000 Jackets
North American Single Pocket CMYK Jackets $695.00 $895.00 $1295.00 $2495.00
American Made CMYK Single Pocket Jackets $955.00 $1055.00 $1525.00 $3055.00
North American Dual Pocket Gatefold CMYK Jackets $1395.00 $1955.00 $2495.00 $4695.00
American Made Dual Pocket Gatefold CMYK Jackets $1925.00 $2425.00 $2975.00 $5845.00
Retro Tip-On Custom Jackets
500 Jackets 1000 Jackets 2000 Jackets 5000 Jackets
Premium Single Pocket Retro Style Tip-On Jackets $1665.00 $2145.00 $4290.00 $6975.00
Premium Dual Pocket Gatefold Retro Tip-On Jackets $2425.00 $3055.00 $6120.00 $9295.00
Budget Jacket Options
Base Price Incremental (per unit) Price
CMYK Convertible Single Sided
(partial coverage on back) Fold-Over + Baggies
$200.00 $.75
CMYK Convertible Dual Sided
(partial coverage on back) Fold-Over + Baggies
$250.00 $1.20
Digital Downloads
These are to be given away free with your vinyl.
Basic Downloads (first 1000) $275.00
Additional Download Cards $.16 (each)
Offsite Access (hosted on your site) $55.00
Marketing Upgrade (collecting emails) $50.00
Customer Supplied Art on your Cards (per side) $40.00
Print on backside of Cards $.10 (each)
Generic Digital Download Stickers (with application) $.12 each
Insertion of Download Cards (into jackets) $.08 each
Generic Digital Download Stickers (with application) $.13 each
Other Generic Stickers (with application) Options can be seen here (click) $.14 each
Custom Printed Stickers Click
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  • For new orders, we require a deposit of 75% of your order total.
  • For Reorders, we require payment in full before starting your order.

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