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June 1, 2016
Contact: Kendale Rice


NASHVILLE, TENN. (June 1, 2016) - United Record Pressing, LLC is proud to announce the acquisition of Bill Smith Custom Records, Inc. in El Segundo, CA. 

Bill Smith Custom Records has been a leading regional manufacturer of vinyl records for independent record labels and artists on the U.S. West Coast since its founding in 1980. As a part of the transaction the assets of Bill Smith Custom Records will be relocated to United's operations in Nashville, TN.

"I have been privileged to work with many talented artists and wonderful people for almost four decades" said Kevin Smith, president of Bill Smith Custom Records. "I have reached a transition point in my career, and I am pleased to know that our assets and customers will be in the hands of such a passionate and dedicated organization as is United Record Pressing. Their commitment to quality and service resonates with what we have always strived to deliver."

By integrating Bill Smith Custom Records' presses into its 24-hour-per-day operation at United's new modern facility in Nashville, United expects to deliver significant, incremental capacity to a market that is in great need of additional output, while enhancing quality and service for all customers, noted Mark Michaels, Chairman and CEO of United Record Pressing.

"We are thrilled to welcome Bill Smith Custom Records into the United Record Pressing family," said Michaels. "Kevin and his team have done a terrific job serving their customers and caring for their equipment. We look forward to building upon that foundation."

United expects to have the presses running in Nashville by mid-July.

About United Record Pressing, LLC:
United Record Pressing was founded in 1949 in Nashville, TN, and is the largest manufacturer of vinyl records in North America. United is a trusted partner to both major and independent labels and artists around the world. United boasts a storied history of having pressed a variety of influential musical titles, including many of the Motown hits in the 1960's and 1970's. More information about United can be found at www.urpressing.com.

About Bill Smith Custom Records:
Located in El Segundo, CA, Bill Smith Custom Records has been pressing vinyl records for the past 36 years. The pressing plant was founded by the father and son team of Bill and Kevin Smith.

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