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United Record Pressing firmly embraces the current ''Crowd Funding'' (click for explanation) movement as a way to help you fund your dreams and get your music cut into the grooves of a vinyl record. Currently, websites such as fundrazr.com, indiegogo.com, and pledgemusic.com are here to help you fund your vinyl project, and we'd like to help out too!
While we've been proud to have supported Kickstarter.com over the years and given free test pressings to 128 bands looking to fund their vinyl projects, as of 8/8/13 we will no longer offer this promotion with Kickstarter. Their legal team has asked us to make sure you know that we never had a formal relationship with them, we just wanted to help you get your records made. They have threatened legal action unless we remove their logo from our site. So it is with sadness and disappointment that we will only be able to aid in the funding of projects through fundrazr.com, indiegogo.com, or pledgemusic.com.

These are crowd funding services that collect money for you to you reach your goal. Most participating labels and bands offer incentives to get their fans and friends to donate (like a PBS pledge drive) and that's where we come in.

We'd like to offer one free test pressing for every person
who donates $50 or more to your cause!

Obviously, we can only hold true to this promise if we're pressing your records. If you're funding your vinyl pressing project through fundrazr.com, indiegogo.com, or pledgemusic.com just list "a free test pressing courtesy of United Record Pressing" among your offerings for people who donate $50 or more (If you choose to offer the free test pressings at a higher priced tier, please know that we won't send test pressings for the $50 tier as well. Free test pressings will only be sent for the number of pledges you receive at levels advertising the United special). As soon as your campaign is live, email us the link to your participating crowd funding page to united@urpressing.com. Please make sure we are made aware of your campaign well before its end date. This way we too will be able to see how many people have donated to your vinyl project. We'll use this site and our Facebook page to draw attention to your cause. Once your goal is met, and your order complete, we'll ship your additional test pressings to you along with your finished records!

Please note, there is a maximumum of 50 free test pressings; in the event that you need more those will be charged at our normal rates.

Here are some IndieGoGo projects that are currently working with
United Record Pressing:

Here are some PledgeMusic projects that are currently working with
United Record Pressing:

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Click here to see a list of successful projects that utilized United's crowd funding incentive.

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