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Whether under its original name Southern Plastics, or the moniker United Record Pressing, LLC, this Nashville-based company has pressed nothing but vinyl since 1949. Early clients included Vee Jay Records and Motown. Prior to signing to Capitol, Vee Jay released the first Beatles 7" in America.

In 1962, Southern Plastics relocated to 453 Chestnut Street, which is the same location that pressed those Beatles 7"s. Southern Plastics would eventually change its name to United Record Pressing in 1971.

Album covers such as Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited, Loretta Lynn's Van Lear Rose, and Jay-Z's The Black Album line the walls of United as a nod to the breadth of artists and genres pressed here for decades.
In addition to the numerous important records that have been pressed in this plant, United managed to create a little history on its own. When the current plant opened in the 1960's it was a very different time in the South, Nashville included. During this time few accommodations were made available to African Americans. With top clients like Vee Jay Records and Motown being run by people of color, United created what we now call the "Motown Suite," an apartment located above the factory. The Motown Suite, which is still viewable to guests touring the plant, displays the same furnishings that these label execs and artists were offered, including: a common room with a bar, a turntable, enough seating to entertain guests, a full bathroom, a double occupancy bedroom, a kitchen equipped with an old push button stove, and other novel 60's decor.
United still uses The Motown Suite's kitchen for meetings; with our staff sitting at the same 60's dinette set where countless artists and label executives have convened for years. Another feature of historical significance is the party room, located just steps from the Motown Suite. This large room was once used as an event space and hosted record label signing parties for folks including Wayne Newton, The Cowsills, and a then 16-year -old Hank Williams Jr. Currently, the party room functions as a museum of Southern Plastics / United Record Pressing's historical significance along with a brief history of recorded music. The party room also pays tribute to its storied history by featuring some of the original furniture from its heyday.


Tours of United Record Pressing are available for $10 per person on Fridays at 11am. We do NOT accept cash, card only day of tour. Tours will be capped at 20 and reservations are required. You may reserve a spot on a tour by emailing united@urpressing.com. Due to limited space we ask that you arrive no more than 15 minutes before your tour's start time. Children under 10 will NOT be admitted. Other times can be scheduled for large (10+) groups by emailing united@urpressing.com or calling 866.407.3165. Groups of 10 or more must be pre-scheduled as they require extra planning for us to accommodate.

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