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URP Marketing Downloads

Build your fan database by collecting marketing info from everyone who redeems their downloads. The download cards will direct your customers to this page, www.urpressing.com/downloads where they will be required to submit their email address, mailing address and other vital information. You will be able to access your marketing information at your convenience 24/7; giving you the ability to monitor redemption rate and other key info while building a mailing list to market to in the future. This is a $150 upgrade to our Standard Vinyl+Digital Package.

Consumers who buy your record will be directed to this page where they'll key in information that you can retreive:

Click image to see actual page

When you're ready to collect your marketing info you'll be given a password and directed to a site where you can download the information as a text file. When you open the text file in Microsoft Excel it looks like this:

Click image to see a larger version

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