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CNET (2016)
How a Vinyl Record is Made

United Acquires Bill Smith Custom Records in El Segundo, CA (2016)
Acquisition expands capacity of America's largest vinyl-record pressing operation

The Bitter Southerner (2015)
The Persistence of Vinyl

Billboard (2014)
America's Largest Record Plant Expands Thanks to Vinyl Boom

USA Today (2013)
Vinyl's sonic perfection finds new fans in digital agey

Nashville Post (2013)
Artisan Manufactures Gain Traction with Nice Approach

Nashville Ledger (2012)
This focuses on the history of United.

Stephen Jerkins
A great series of photos of United.

Billboard Magazine (2009)
This is a great read, it's an article about Jack White's latest project Dead Weather. He mentions United in the article.

USA Today(2007)
Record Maker Puts His Stamp on Music Histor

CNBC (2007)
Vinyl Records: Old Sound Is New Again

FoxNews.com (2007)
Vinyl-Record Pressing Plant Still Doing Good Business.

NBC News (2007)
Plant has needle on the pulse of vinyl fanatics

Nashville Business Journal (2006)
Still Groovy: After more than 40 years, vinyl still rules at United Record Pressing

Nashville Scene (1999)
The Colorful Past and Promising Future of United Record Pressing

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