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Our selection of pre-made generic stickers are shown below.

United offers a wide variety of pre-made stickers to suit the needs of most of our customers. But when you have something extra special in mind or have a few things to comunicate or a color scheme you're trying to match, custom stickers are the way to go. Our forte is making stickers on rolls for use on your records but we can make individual (non-roll) stickers too for you to hand out at shows. Buying your stickers with us also means you're not just buying 1000 stickers but you're buying enough stickers to cover 1000 jackets.

Below is our current selection of generic stickers, each is a circle 2" in diameter. They are available for $.14 each which includes application. Below each sticker is its sticker code, please include the code of the sticker you'd like on your order form.

Sticker: 1S Sticker: 2S Sticker: 3S Sticker: 4S Sticker: 5S Sticker: 6S Sticker: 7S
Sticker: 1W Sticker: 2W Sticker: 3W Sticker: 4W Sticker: 5W Sticker: 6W Sticker: 7W
Sticker: 1G Sticker: 2G Sticker: 3G Sticker: 4G Sticker: 5G Sticker: 6G Sticker: 7G

Orders of 180 gram records with shrink wrap can choose to have these stickers added to the shrink wrap for free!

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