Erin Pettit

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VP of Business Development

Erin Pettit is the Vice President of Business Development at URP, where she oversees corporate strategy & vision, revenue source development & market expansion, leads sales teams & empowers their individual growth, and spearheads marketing initiatives & brand awareness.

Erin brings 13+ years of industry experience in financial & business management, working in both Nashville & Los Angeles, with a diverse roster of touring artists, songwriters, music execs and entertainment companies, which gives her an edge, having the ability to see from a macro and micro viewpoint into what the market’s needs are and where URP opportunities for growth and sustainability lie.

Born & raised in Miami, Florida, and graduating with a degree in Music Business from MTSU, Erin is passionate about maintaining a healthy & collaborative work environment, cultivating robust relationships, and ensuring the longevity and integrity of URP in the global marketplace.

Behind the scenes, you can find Erin working out on her Peloton bike, traveling with her dog Penny Lane, or sewing and crafting a new project. She is an advocate for mental-health awareness and is also heavily involved in industry non-profits & leadership organizations, most recently serving as President of SOLID.

  • First Live Show? Alan Jackson & George Strait at the West Palm Beach Amphitheater
  • Most prized record in your collection? The Beatles Let It Be & Eric Church’s 61 Days in Church boxed collection
  • Favorite lyric that inspires you?  “I am brave, I am bruised, I am who I’m meant to be, this is me” – This is Me – The Greatest Showman