Center Labels

Initial label orders are sold in quantities of 1000 (sets) in three main price points (below). After you go through your initial 1000 labels, they will be billed per record (rather than per 1000). The standard hole for a 12", 10" or small hole 7" is 1/4 inch. Large center holes are 1.5 inches. Keep this in mind when designing your art, but please don't work the hole into your art. It's best to submit art without any visible trace of the hole; this is to provide bleed and make sure your labels look their best.


Plain Solid Color Labels: (with nothing printed on them). These are available in both black and white.

  • $90 (per 1000)

Standard Labels: These are black ink on white paper.

  • First 1000 = $160.00 ($.16 each thereafter)

Deluxe Labels: Anything above our basic labels up to four color CMYK are considered deluxe labels. This does not include PMS colors.

  • First 1000 = $220.00 ($.22 each thereafter)

Additional PMS colors are sold per color for $100 per thousand in addition to your label charge.

PLEASE NOTE: Labels are baked overnight to insure they adhere to your record properly. Some color change will occur in baking. Also, some ink colors will not print properly on certain papers, for instance blue ink on yellow paper will result in green print.

Below are links to zip files of our label templates. If you don't see one, just ask.

To avoid any delays with your order, we recommend that you submit your music and art files on separate CDRs (if that's the method you're using).

Read Our Art Guidelines!

Center Label Templates:

Center Labels for 7" Records
Center Labels for 12" Records
For 10" records you have your choice of 7" labels  or 12" labels. 7" labels are smaller than 12" labels.