Spin It Your Way

We offer a multitude of colors and custom print for all formats!

7 inch vinyl record
10 inch vinyl record
12 inch vinyl record

7″ Vinyl Records, also known as 45s, can be cut at 33 1/3 or 45 RPM. You have your choice of small or large, jukebox-style center holes. While custom mix colors are available for 7″ records, note that the limited space may result in subtler effects compared to 10″ or 12″ records.

10″ Vinyl Records, reminiscent of the classic 78s, can be cut at three speeds: 33 1/3, 45, or 78 RPM, although please note 78 RPM is not a very common choice. Your order will include white die-cut paper sleeves, and we also offer retro brown sleeves as an additional option.

12″ Vinyl Records, the standard for DJs and LPs, can be cut at two speeds: 33 1/3 and 45 RPM. We offer 140-gram or 180-gram vinyl weights, as well as 140-gram 2-color split vinyl for a unique look. Your order includes white die-cut paper sleeves, and we also offer poly-lined sleeves.