You sketch it, we'll etch it

Etched Vinyl is an image pressed into an unplayable side of your record which has a frosted appearance. The Etched side does not contain any grooves or music but adds a real touch of style to your records. Your image is etched directly onto the lacquer and is then taken through the standard plating process.

Have too much music for a single LP but not quiet enough for a double?
Have a great A-Side that deserves to stand alone?

Putting Etched Art on a side might be your solution.

The costs involved in making an Etched Vinyl Record can vary greatly but the cost of making a special lacquer for Etched Vinyl starts at $450. Detailed quotes can be given after art files are received. Standard plating charges apply.


Is there music on the etched art side of the record?

No, the side (or sides) with the etched art does not contain any grooves or music.


Do I have to use a label on the etched side?

Yes, any record we do will require labels on both sides.


Do you do etched art for 7" and 10" too?

Yes, we can do etched art on any size record we press. The rates are the same for 7" 10" or 12".


What about the lacquer charges I'm paying already?

The side with etched art will start at $450 for the art lacquer then if you have music on the other side you will be charged the normal rate for one side of a standard lacquer rather than being charged for a set.