7" Records (often referred to as 45's) can be cut at 45 RPM or 33 1/3 RPM. When cut at 33 1/3 you can hold approximately 6:00 minutes per side. When cut at 45 you can hold approximately 4:30 minutes per side. These numbers are not set in stone, just a suggested maximum. Going over these suggestions can result in a loss of sound quality.

United can press 7" records with small center holes, large holes or UK Style removable break-out centers. The standard is black vinyl, but we can press your 7" on a variety of different colors and can even blend colors to create something truly unique. Standard white paper sleeves (with center holes) are included with your records, but we can also coordinate the printing of custom sleeves and jackets.

To place an order, email your order form to united@urpressing.com


United Record Pressing 7" Customer Acceptance

The following is very important information regarding your order and the terms you accept when placing an order. We suggest you read this and/or print a copy for your files.

U-Number You will be furnished with a "U" Number confirming your order once it's been received. You must have this number when contacting us regarding your project. No information will be given without this number.

United Does Not Ship C.O.D., Parcel Post, or Freight Collect. And we CANNOT ship to PO Boxes.

Deposit and payment info
Your order will not be processed if you fail to send the correct deposit with your CD/tape, lacquers, or metal parts. Only U.S. funds are accepted. URP accepts money orders, checks and all major credit cards. We do not accept Discover card. Money orders from Canada must show a Bank from the US on the face. It must also have a 9-digit routing number. We cannot accept Canadian Postal Money orders with a 10-digit routing number.
United requires a deposit at the time your order is placed.

  • All NEW orders require a deposit equal to 75% of your total cost.
  • All REORDERS must be paid in full when order is placed.
  • Payment in full for Digital Downloads, Etched Art or Custom Jackets/Sleeves is required with your deposit

If certified funds are not submitted we reserve the right to wait 10 business days to allow your check to clear before starting your order. In the event of non-sufficient funds (a bounced check) there will be a $25 fee.

Balance of Payment
The balance of payment for your order is due when you submit your test pressing approval. URP accepts money orders, checks and all major credit cards. We do not accept Discover card. Money orders from Canada must show a Bank from the US on the face. It must also have a 9-digit routing number. We cannot accept Canadian Postal Money orders with a 10-digit routing number.

Canceling an Order
n the event that your order is cancelled for any reason you will be charged a cancellation fee of $25 plus the cost of returning your source materials. You will also be charged for any other costs incurred (printing labels etc.) depending on the stage of production the order is in when cancelled.

Turnaround Times
The process is one that is heavily reliant on precision, length of queue, and a little bit of luck. Once your order form, music, and deposit have been received, it can take roughly eight weeks for your test pressings to be shipped. Once you approve your tests and all of the components (jackets, inserts, stickers, etc.) have been received, it typically takes another eight weeks for your order to be completed. It is possible for sooner but just as possible for later as there are limits to the control we have on 1960’s technology. The only promise we make on turn times is that we’ll try our best as that’s the only thing we can truly control.

All Orders are considered COMPLETE if final shipment is within 10% plus or minus the amount ordered, customer is responsible for the costs of any overrun manufactured within 10% of the order.

All reorders must be paid in full at the time the order is placed. If parts are remaining from your order (jackets, labels, inserts, etc.) we will use those. In the event that all parts were utilized you will be sold additional parts. Replacement stampers may be required as well.


  • The stamper matrix numbers and the label number must match. Each must be marked either side A and B or side 1 and 2. If stamper and label are not marked properly, United is not responsible for misplaced labels.
  • All labels are baked to eliminate excess moisture and to prevent bubbling. As a result some color change can occur. This is most prominent with PMS colors.

Refusal of Services
URP reserves the right to refuse any order for any reason it deems necessary.


You are responsible for providing your own insurance coverage, URP's policy does not provide protection for client's parts or music in our possession.


  • No Merchandise may be returned to UNITED without authorization from your UNITED customer service representative.
  • If there is a problem with your order UNITED requires you send in 25 records so we can get fair sample of your run of records. Returns must be shipped via ground service (i.e. USPS Media Mail, UPS Ground etc.) to be eligible for a credit or reimbursement of your return shipping costs.
  • Return shipping costs via ground service can be credited or reimbursed only with a copy of your receipt from the shipping company. United will NOT credit or reimburse shipping costs of returns made by airmail or similar express services.
  • No product will be replaced or credit given 30 days of the client's receipt of their product.

Test Pressings

  • Tests pressings are to preview the audio quality of your records and approve them before we begin pressing. All tests have generic UNITED labels. All 7" test pressings are run with small holes.
  • When sending in lacquers or metal parts, your test pressings are audio tested to ensure copyright clearance.
  • Standard shipping for test pressings is 2nd day air at $45 per location. Tests may be shipped overnight at $60 per location.

Prices are subject to change without notice


  • United will master your lacquers to RIAA standards. The actual Mixing, EQ-ing, etc., should be done prior to sending your source music to us to press your records. The source you send to United should sound like you want the music to sound on vinyl, sequenced in order with the correct spacing between each song and a longer space between sides.
  • Extra mastering charges may occur if our engineer has a problem with your submitted music or your songs are not presented in the proper order. To avoid extra charges the songs on your source music should be in the same order as you'd like them on your records.
  • Please be aware that we can not be held responsible for sound issues created as a result of going excessively beyond suggested time lengths (click here to see), please reach out to us if you want more details on the situation or would like our mastering engineer's opinion on the side lengths before cutting your lacquer.


  • For your protection, mothers, stampers and labels will be stored for one year. You may request to have them sent back to you. Your parts may be destroyed after a year has passed. With the high number of order we do we are unable to contact folks before demolition so if you need your parts please contact us. If you are storing your metal parts, all should be stored back to back in their folder to help prevent damage. We cannot be held responsible for damaged stampers that are supplied by other vendors.

Fulfillment Charges

  • Orders shipped to more than two locations are subject to fulfillment charges. These charges are $20 per additional location (starting with the third location) and an additional $2.50 per box for the boxes going to the additional locations. These charges begin with the third location and are applicable to all orders with three or more ship locations.


  • We are not responsible for inactive components related to an order in excess of one year.

Copyright Compliance
ALL orders submitted to United Record Pressing are audio tested. If your source material contains samples of any kind, regardless of length, you will be asked to edit out the sample or your order will be rejected. If the order is rejected, you will be billed for any charges incurred to the point of audio testing as well as an order cancellation fee.If you are originating an order outside the United States, please click here.

Compilation / Split Records:
If your record features more than one artist, you will be required to verify permissions for release. Please include any artist agreements with your order form or email them directly to copyright@urpressing.com after placing your order. Please feel free to have a representative from each band fill out a separate URP copyright form (sections L&M) to include when placing your order if you do not currently have arrangements on file.


DEPOSIT INFO: United requires a deposit at the time your order is placed. For new orders, we require a deposit of 75% of your order total. For reorders, we require payment in full before starting your order.

7" Price List

7" per Record Charges

Standard Weight Records (small hole or large)
$.65 per record
"UK-Style" Removable Center Hole
$.10 per record + $250.00 set up charge
Insertion of Record into a Custom Sleeve
$.10 per record
Insertion of Record into a Custom Jacket
$.10 per record
Insertion of Most Additional Items (CD's, Download Cards, etc.) into a Custom Jacket
$.10 per record
Shrink Wrapping the Jacket
$.28 per record
Applying Most Stickers on a Roll (Additional stickers after the first sticker will be charged at the manual application rate
$.13 per record
Manual Sticker Application (non-roll or to jacket or poly-bag)
per record
Plain White Paper Sleeves
FREE with records
Plain Brown Paper Sleeves
$.25 per record
Plain Black Paper Sleeves
$.37 per record

Center Labels

Blank Black or Blank White Labels (1st set of 1000)
Basic Labels (black ink on white paper) (1st set of 1000)
Additional Basic Labels (starting with your 1001st record)
$.18 per set
Deluxe Labels - 1000 (full color: CMYK)
Additional Deluxe Labels (starting with your 1001st record)
$.24 per set
Plain Solid Color Labels - 1000 sets
PMS Colors (per color, per 1000)

One-Time Pressing Charges

Lacquer Mastering — Two Sides
Upcharge for Cutting from Analog Tape
3-Step Plating — Two Sides (covers initial order up to 1000 records)
Additional plating — Two Sides (applied to all reorders and initial orders starting with 1001st record)
$.06 per record
Test Pressings (3 tests)
2nd Day Air Shipping for Tests (standard shipping option) - Per Location
Overnight Shipping for Tests - Per Location
International Shipping for Tests - (only international shipping option)
Colored Vinyl Test Pressings (3 tests)
Set-up Charge (all order quantities of 100-299)
Set-up Charge (all order quantities of 300-499)
Color Set-up charge (all colored vinyl orders)

Colors & Unique Options

Translucent Colored Vinyl
$.40 per record
Opaque Colored Vinyl
$.40 per record
Custom Mixed Colored Vinyl
$.65 per record
Randomly Mixed Color Vinyl
$-.17 per record
Etched Art (per side)

Custom Jackets

500 Jackets
1000 Jackets
2000 Jackets
5000 Jackets
Standard Single Pocket CMYK Jackets
Dual Pocket Gatefold CMYK Jackets

Budget Jacket Options

Base Price
Per Unit Price
CMYK Single Sided Fold-Over + Poly Bags
CMYK Dual Sided Fold-Over + Poly Bags

Custom Paper Inner Sleeves

500 Paper Sleeves
1000 Paper Sleeves
2000 Paper Sleeves
5000 Paper Sleeves
Black & White Paper Inner Sleeves
CMYK Paper Inner Sleeves

Digital Downloads

Basic Downloads (first 1000 cards)
Additional Download Cards
$.16 per card
Offsite Access Upcharge (hosted on your site)
Marketing Upgrade (collecting emails)
Customer Supplied Art on your Cards
$40.00 per side
Print on Backside of Cards
$.10 per card
Generic Digital Download Stickers (includes application)
$.12 per record
Other Generic Stickers (includes application) - Options can be seen here
$.18 per record
Insertion of Download Cards into Jackets
$.10 per record